100% recyclable sparkling wine hoods now available

Jet Technologies has launched a new recyclable sparkling wine hood to the Australian and New Zealand markets, which is made of the only material in the world to be 100% biocompatible.

The polymer material used in the wine hoods is completely recyclable due to it being of vegetable origin and free of glues. The hood is also certified for contact with foodstuffs.

“Recyclability is increasingly on the minds of Australian and New Zealand consumers, as well as wine producers,” said Daniel Malki, General Manager, Jet Technologies. “We’re excited to be the first to bring to the local market a unique one-of-a-kind product that adds to the recyclability of wine products.”

The product is recyclable, once crushed into a ball, because it uses an ultra-thick alloy material, and the remaining 80% of the polymer consists of plant-based carbons. It is also soft and pliant while at the same time resistant, making it the perfect choice for sparkling wine hoods.

“The wine hoods have been a big success in the Indonesian market for us recently, and we have no doubt they will prove even more popular in Australia and New Zealand,” added Daniel.

Continuous research and innovation has led to a premium wine hood product that can be printed in a combination of up to three print processes per hood – offset, embossed, screen, gravure, hot foil etc. – to create the right look and feel for a wide variety of wine producers. We are also the first to bring a digitally printed hood to market, allowing for short runs and unique customisation of each particular hood.

The wine hoods are certified for contact with foodstuffs in compliance with all European and non-European regulation. Migration tests on the polylaminate verify the absence of harmful or hazardous substances such as Bisphenol A, heavy metals and aromatic substances (Ministerial Decree 21/3/73 and Regulation (EU) 10/2011).

Their wine hood’s production has also created energy savings equivalent to 20%, which further reduces the environmental impact of the product.

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