Jet Technologies Brings Latest Innovation in Print and Packaging Sustainability to the Australian Market

Sydney – 18 August, 2022 – Jet Technologies brings the latest in environmental innovation to the Australian and markets with the launch of their Encore range of Films. nEncore is a new film solution that is manufactured with 30% recycled material and is suitable for a wide range of applications including packaging, labels, books and more.

“With organisations like the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) setting 2025 targets of having 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted and 50% of average recycled content included in packaging, Australian product manufacturers are having to quickly focus on and takes steps towards increased sustainability,” explained Jack Malki, Director at Jet Technologies.

“Encore is a strong step in the right direction for using plastics within the circular economy and provide a sorely needed path forward for brand owners who are ready to work towards these recyclability and sustainability goals. Encore is a leading option for businesses looking to make the shift away from using virgin plastics and from either PLA (corn starch) or wood-based alternatives in their printing and packaging. There is little to no industrial composting in the ANZ region, meaning that biofilm solutions are often having to be put into landfill. At the same time as being produced from 30% recycled content, the films are also fully recyclable, ensuring that product manufacturers can enjoy the functional benefits of plastic films, whilst ensuring that they work fully within a sustainable circular economy.”

“Jet Technologies acknowledges that it is our responsibility to provide the local market with the very best sustainable options in order to improve the environment,” continued Jack. “Introducing new film ranges can be challenging, but we are seeing a strong and constant demand from brand owners for better solutions in order to meet their environmental pledges.

“We see this demand as a strong sign that films like Encore will quickly replace less sustainable traditional films. We also expect the percentage of recycled content in these new films to be increased over time as the technology permits it,” said Jack.

The Encore films are currently BOPP based, with PET options also in development. They look and feel like regular films and run on various machinery in a normal way, ensuring that businesses do not have to make any adjustments from existing films. Costs are also comparable to existing films, with a small premium of approximately 15-20% being very well received by brand owners looking for solutions to meet recyclability targets.

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